Glasses are one of the most important accessories you can invest in.

It’s necessary to revisit your eyewear look the same way you revisit your wardrobe for the season.

We’ve put together a complete guide to eyewear for when you buy glasses for summer.

10 Trends to Help You Buy Glasses for Summer

1. Tinted Lens Sunglasses

Typically when selecting trendy sunglasses people think of the frames and the armbands. But why stop there?

One of the most on-trend ways to spruce up your eyewear is by adding a tinted lens. Tinted lenses in bold colors have a 90’s vibe and introduce a pop of color in any outfit. This trend has been seen recently on celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Britney Spears.

Combine a classic frame style such as the aviator with a rose gold, soft yellow, or blue tinted lens for an update on a classic summer style.

2. Oversized Cat Eye

The cat eye trend for glasses and sunglasses has been making waves since the 50’s. This trend is not only coming back for this summer season, but it’s coming back bigger and better.

Oversized sunglasses are being seen in these cat eye shapes, which look fantastic on people with round and oval faces. The winged edges of the frames accentuate your cheekbones, which everybody wants.

Another twist on the traditional cat eye frame that updates your look is adding embellishments to the wing. Jewels, designs, studs, all make this trend unique to your style and your look.

3. 90’s Inspired Matrix Glasses

Kylie Jenner took this trend and made it so high fashion with her look at the 2018 Met Gala, rocking embellished silver skinny glasses.

You don’t have to buy all glam, impractical glasses to get a taste of Kylie Jenner’s flawless style. 90’s inspired “Matrix” glasses are skinny frames that are flatter on top, with a soft triangular shape. They hit under the eyebrow, sometimes even hitting at the pupil.

This look has a laid-back vibe, that is effortlessly chic. The 90’s are making a comeback and these frames are a great way to incorporate the trend into any summer look.

4. Vintage Inspired Pastel Frames

Millenial pink and rose gold are everywhere and for good reason!

Soft pastel colors are a neutral that is anything but neutral. A bright, soft yellow or pink works with any outfit. Embracing a more traditional shape in a funky soft pastel takes you easily from a botanical garden to a garden party with minimal effort.

If you have lighter skin, a cooler green neutralizes some of the red undertones that can come out in the summer. If you have darker skin, you can wear a brighter color to really show off your complexion.

5. Hip to be Square

Both men and women are busting out these geometric square frames. Bold, chunky, and attention-grabbing square frames are sure to make a splash.

In this trend, look for square frames that have a flat top look. This separates your dad’s square glasses from the 80’s from super on trend square glasses that look at home with a tailored suit.

Square glasses and sunglasses look more dressed up than a Ray-Ban, but also show off your daring side in a put together way.

6. Thin Wire Frames

John Lennon’s iconic wire framed round glasses were seen as eccentric and out of the box at the time. Now his look is a huge style inspiration in eyewear.

Thin wire glasses offer a glint of shine and metallic that complement your other accessories and make you look more expensive. Try experimenting with different color wire than just silver. Gold, in rose or otherwise, brings an unexpected warmth to your eyes.

Thin wire frames are not limited to round frames. Aviators are the most famous of these glasses and are always a good look for the spring and summer months.

7. Double Bridge Glasses

This trend is more subtle than other trends, but when it is done right it can make a real difference.

Double bridge glasses either have a wire piece above a traditional dipped bridge, or the bridge isn’t filled in and delineated with wires. The look mixes media in your eyewear, adding interest and drawing attention to your face.

Try looking for a pair of double bridge glasses that incorporate other trends as well. Tortoiseshell frames with a double bridge detail or a double bridge in a pair of glasses in a bold color set you apart from the crowd.

8. Tortoise Shell

Tortoiseshell frames never go out of style.

That being said, tortoiseshell frames can be revamped for 2018. Some of the ways that designers have taken this trend to a different level are by adding different complementary colors, doing them in different shapes, and adding wire elements to a classic horn-rimmed frame.

Tortoiseshell frames with a purple or red tint to them are especially on trend for 2018. Lipstick coloring is vibrant and lends itself well to the rich chestnut shades of traditional tortoiseshell.

9. Clear Frames

Similar to pastel frames, clear frames can be worn with any outfit or swimsuit.

Clear frames are a really unconventional choice that can become a signature accessory in your wardrobe. Clear frames also have the benefit of putting the wearer first. These glasses are for people who want their frames to both be a conversation piece and disappear all at the same time.

Clear frames complement any frame shape. It looks especially new and fun with square frames, as we discussed earlier.

10. Warm Neutrals

We’ve mentioned a lot in this article that glasses can be both fun and neutral enough to work with any outfit.

This is because your glasses and sunglasses are an investment. Most of us have one or two pairs of prescription glasses or sunglasses that become part of our identity. They have to work with everything.

What better way to embrace this than by choosing frames in a warm neutral color. Caramel, honey, and warm nudes are fresh and set off your eye color. Orange-y honey browns make blue eyes pop behind your frames. Warm neutrals can span from a standout yellow to a mellow milky tea color.

Time for New Frames

Now that you know the latest trends it’s time to buy glasses for summer!

If it’s been a long time since you got an eye exam you can find your nearest eye doctor to be sure you have the right prescription.

They can also show you a wide range of stylish frames to fit you.