Do Think You Have Chronic Dry Eye?

If your eyes frequently burn, sting or feel dry and uncomfortable, you may be suffering from chronic dry eye—also known as dry eye syndrome—which is caused by the body’s inability to produce sufficient tears. Fortunately, the professional eye doctors at ABBA Eye Care in Colorado Springs are aware of a number of treatment options that are available for the condition.

First and foremost, an optometrist will conduct an eye exam to determine whether you have chronic dry eye, and then they’ll prescribe a specific course of treatment. Treatments for chronic dry eye include:

  • Prescription eye lubricating drops
  • Lacrisert: a slow-release lubrication insert
  • Nutritional supplements, such as omega-3 fatty acids
  • The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System

If your dry eyes are caused by contact lenses, medications, or environmental factors, your eye doctor will advise you as to how to reduce these uncomfortable effects.

Your eyes are in excellent hands with the Doctors of the Dry Eye Clinic at ABBA Eye Care. The eye doctors specialize in the treatment of chronic dry eye.

Don’t let chronic dry eye make you uncomfortable any longer! Visit your eye doctor for an eye exam today to find out how to treat this common condition. For the most skilled, compassionate eye care in the Colorado Springs area, call ABBA Eye Care at one of their local offices or visit them online. Ask about their many eye care services, including LASIK, glasses and contact lenses, and take advantage of their affordable pricing and convenient 24-hour online appointment request option.




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