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Your vision is one of the most important senses that you have. You need to be able to keep your eyes healthy and strong and should take corrective measures whenever possible.

In this regard, contact lenses are an excellent option for you today.

The technology has advanced, and as such, there are plenty of great contact lens options available to you.

If you’re thinking about getting a prescription, it’s important that you first understand the benefits of contacts. Consider these eight tips so that you can reach out to your optometrist and get the care that you need.

1. You Get to Show Off Your Facial Features

One of the biggest benefits of contacts is that you can really let your eyes and face shine.

While glasses add a certain measure of charm and character, they also don’t truly show the full shape and detail of your face. With contact lenses, you can fix your vision without needing to compromise your appearance.

People will be able to appreciate your facial features and you’ll make a lasting first impression whenever you meet people in a personal or professional setting.

2. They’re Convenient and Comfortable

One of the biggest benefits of wearing contact lenses is that they’re generally a lot more convenient than glasses.

With a pair of glasses, you have to keep them protected in a case and need to know where they’re located at all times. Losing a pair of glasses can be disheartening and hamper your ability to see clearly throughout everyday life.

By investing in some contact lenses, you’re able to purchase multiple pairs to get you through several weeks or months. A prescription is good for the year, which is why many people order several boxes at a time.

3. You Don’t Have to Worry About Breaking Them

Durability is another reason that people turn to contacts. Losing or tearing a contact lens is nowhere near as devastating as breaking a pair of glasses.

With contacts, you can simply swap them out if they start getting too dry or scratchy. When you let your glasses get bent or otherwise damaged, they’re incredibly uncomfortable to wear. If you can even wear them at all!

4. There Are Contact Lenses That You Can Sleep In

Today, there are plenty of contact lens types that you can even sleep in.

This was the major drawback to contact lenses when they first came out because people would fall asleep with their lenses in and either ruin them or get them stuck in their eyes. With many of today’s contact lens brands, the lenses are more porous and allow for better airflow.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about them drying up and becoming painful if your eyelids are closed for an extended period of time. While you can sleep in certain pairs of day and night contacts, don’t go out of your way to sleep in them for extended periods of time.

5. Nothing Obstructs Your Vision When You Wear Contacts

A downside of wearing glasses is that you will naturally obstruct your vision. The rim of your frames requires you to look over or under them, no matter how comfortable the glasses are.

You may also have obstructions in the sides of your eyes due to the glasses’ arms. By wearing contact lenses, you’ll enjoy the fact that you won’t have any visual obstructions because, of course, contacts sit on your eye and adapt to its natural shape and contour.

As a result, the lenses will move with your eyes as you move them, giving you the best vision possible.

6. They’re Useful When You Participate in Sports

People also wear contact lenses so that they can engage in physical activity without having to worry about their glasses breaking.

Whether you participate in sports or just want clearer vision and protection when doing yard work, contact lenses are your best bet. Make sure that you keep a backup pair handy so that you’re able to swap them out if something happens during the course of your activity.

7. Contact Lenses Have Different Color Options

People also wear contact lenses because they come with a lot of different style variations.

You can wear lenses that have different colors so you can switch to something different than your natural eye color. Whenever you want a different look, there are a variety of choices that you can look for.

8. They’re Very Low Maintenance

With glasses, you’ll have to keep a rag and cleaning kit with you in case the lenses start to get smudged and dirty. You’ll need to swap out the glasses’ lenses if they get scratched or cracked. You’ll also have to get them tightened and adjusted often.

When you wear contact lenses, the care is far more straightforward. All you have to do is put the contact lenses in the case and allow them to soak. Change them out every few weeks to keep them fresh, and you’re good to go.

The low maintenance aspect is one of the main reasons that people look into contact lenses.

Talk to an Optometrist About More Benefits of Contacts

Now that you understand the basics, get in touch with an optometrist that can further help you understand the benefits of contacts. They can set you up with an appointment so that you can get started.

We’d love to help you out. Schedule an eye exam with us today to learn more.