If you own a pair of glasses, you probably have an idea of how hard it can be at times to find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your face. Nothing is more frustrating, after an eye exam than finding what you deem to be, the perfect pair of frames, only to find out that they just downright look a little odd with the shape of your face.

At the end of the day, you want the frames that you decide on to accentuate the shape and the good qualities of your facial structure. You don’t want a set of frames that clashes with the natural shape and feel of your face.

Now, to adequately choose the right pair of glasses for your face, let’s brush up on the four common face shapes:


Round faces are classified by a balanced, round face with full cheeks. A round face will be equally as long as it is wide, and your chin will be round and not jagged.

Here are some round face for sunglassesthings that you want to keep an eye out for if you have a round face and you are looking for a new set of frames.

– You want to make sure that you are getting glasses that are wider than they are tall.
– You want to make sure that you have some strong details on the frames that you are selecting.
– Last but certainly not least, you want to make sure that you get nose pads on the brim of your glasses so that your frames stay off of your cheeks.

Now, you may have a little bit better of a picture of the types and shapes of glasses that are going to fit your face the best. Just to give you a little better idea, here are some of the best brands and types of glasses that you can get if you have a round face.

– Ray-Ban clubmasters have really nice, bold accents to the frames that will meld perfectly with your face. They are just about the perfect width, and really classy too.
– Ray-Ban Wayfarers are another nice choice for round faces because they have pronounced features, and are wider than they are tall, so they shouldn’t conflict with your cheeks.
– Oakley Airdrops are yet another great set of frames for round faces. These wide-framed glass clean, not too complicated, but classy and eye-catching.
– Ladies, Kate Spade has some lovely frames that are perfect for round faces, like the Lucyann’s, for example.
– Aviators are another great choice for those of you with round faces.


Square faces are characterized by an angular forehead, a wide forehead, and a defined and prominent jawline. Square faces tend to do the best with frames that are…

sunglasses for a square shaped face– Round in shape, with softer edges
– Thinner frames that accentuate your sharp jawline
– Neutral colors that blend in seamlessly with your face

Now that you have a better idea of some of the characteristics that you need to be looking for in your frames

Here are some great selections that you can take a look at that are perfect for your square face.

– The Ray-Ban New Wayfarer fits the bill perfectly for a thin-framed pair of glasses that provide the perfect pair to your ice and face.


If you think that yobest glasses for an oval shaped faceu may have more of a soft, oval-shape to your face, listen up! This is for you. If you have an oval face, you are going to have

– Balanced facial features
– Characteristically high cheekbones
– A chin that is narrower than your forehead is

The great thing about oval-shaped faces is that they can pull-off a lot when it comes to fun and flamboyant frames. If you have an oval face, you should be looking for glasses that have bold shapes, fun colors, unique textures, and a size of glasses that maintains balance across your face.

Here are some glasses options that would work really well for your oval face.

– Oakley Airdrops in some fun colors that stand out are great for oval shaped faces, for guys and girls.
– Ray-Ban New Wayfarers are another great choice for men and women. You can play around with fun textures and colors here as well.
– The classic Wayfarers from Ray-Ban are a great choice as well.


What’s great about heart-shaped faces, is that they look exactly what they sound like. They are an attractive facial profile that is in the shape of a heart. Heart-shaped faces are characterized by

glasses for a heart shaped face– Prominent foreheads
– Narrow chins that come to a point
– High cheekbones

If you happen to have a heart-shape to your face, here are some of features that you want to be looking for in your frames.

– Frames that have a lot of detail on the lower half of the glasses.
– You want to make sure that you are getting frames that are wider than your forehead, so that it doesn’t look like your forehead is dwarfing your glasses.
– Light colors work really with with this facial shape.

Here are some great choices of glasses for heart-shaped facial structures.

– Ray-Ban RX5268’s and RX5228’s are great for heart-shaped faces.
– Kate Spade Lucyann’s are a great choice for the ladies, especially in lighter colors.
– Clubmasters, Wayfarers, and Aviators are all great choices from Ray-Ban, as well. Just make sure you stick to the rules of thumb, listed above, when choosing the right pair.