Pink Eye

Have you ever wondered what pink eye actually is?

Eyes are very sensitive sense organs and keeping them safe and clean is very important. Our body has a defense mechanism which takes care of our body parts, but this defense mechanism also has some limitations. Thus, when the defense mechanism of our body fails, we contract diseases. Pink eye is one such disease which gets spread from one person to another.

Formally known as conjunctivitis, the disease gets its name because the white part of the eye turns pink because of the contamination. Keeping a safe distance from the affected can help you save from catching the disease. The eye doctors have shared some of the information about the causes and symptoms of the disease which are discussed in the article.

Pink eye itself is of three types and it is pretty difficult to tell as a layman as to which one has affected the patient. Only eye care professionals can differentiate one type from the other by a proper examination of the eye. As soon as you notice pinkish hues in your eyes, you should consult your eye doctor immediately to trap the disease when it is still in the budding phase. There are three types of Pink Eyes and each one is different from the other on the account of what is the root cause of the infection.

  • VIRAL– This form of conjunctivitis is caused by an upper respiratory virus. This form of pink eye is very common and is very contagious. Virus infected mucus from sneezing and coughing travel through the air and reaches the eyes and infects it. Close contact with an infected person and sharing their used items helps in spreading the disease at an alarming level.
  • BACTERIAL– When the conjunctiva is infected by the bacteria, the infection develops and makes the eyes pink. It is not as contagious and may spread from person to person.
  • ALLERGIC– Our body responds to various things in a different manner. It is allergic to some whereas it is non-allergic to other things. When the body comes in contact with the allergic substance, it releases histamine which turns the eyes pink. It is a temporary phenomenon and is non-contagious.


Conjunctivitis has clear symptoms, but it includes many common symptoms like itching of the eyes, burning, irritation, watery or yellowish-green discharge from the eye, tears, light sensitivity and eye crusting. However, different symptoms may add to different people.


Before trying out self-medication, it is always advisable to consult an eye doctor who can go to the root cause of the problem and suggest the best possible medication or treatment. However, primary treatment can be practiced by the affected people at home till they go to the doctor. Treatment includes cleansing of the eyes and preventing it from spreading to others. A warm compress can be applied for about ten minutes to decrease the discomfort due to conjunctivitis. Preservative-free lubricating eye drops can be applied to keep the disease in check.

Every disease needs some time to heal so it is advisable to hide the eyes from direct exposure to the atmosphere when affected to keep the disease from spreading. If you’re worried you or your child has Pink Eye give us a call to schedule an appointment today! Find a location near you.