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WOW is learning there's a new standard for perfect vision.

iZon Lens Technology
Setting a whole new standard for perfect vision. One that goes beyond 20/20. It's like seeing the world in High-Definition vision. Introducing iZon High Resolution lenses. Using technology from the government's Star Wars program, iZon is unlike anything else in optometry, and can radically change the way you see your world. Giving you far more sharpness, contrast, and clarity than ever before possible.

Man Doing Research of Lens DesignBeing able to experience a world in High-Definition vision, one that is clearer, sharper and more vivid then you could ever imagine, is enough to WOW anyone. But iZon ML High Resolution Lenses also offer something else, safety while driving at night. iZon Lenses are customized to address the vision problems associated with the microscopic irregularities of your eyes that can cause nighttime light distortions such as glare, starbursts and halos. In clinical studies, iZon ML lens wearers were able to react to a pedestrian in the road on average 20 feet sooner then those wearing conventional lenses. WOW, that's a significant improvement in reaction time and a big safety margin.

WOW is High-Definition vision, day and night.

Natural and Relaxed VisionIn-Balance wearers enjoy:
  • Natural, limitation-free vision
  • Visual sharpness without limitations
  • A perfect interaction between near and far
  • Wide, undistorted fields of vision

iD Lens Technology
Offers you natural and relaxed vision at all distances near, far and in-between. Abba's iD Lens Technology eliminates swimming and swaying sensations associated with typical progressive lenses. Feelings of instability commonly associated with old-fashioned progressive lenses are now a thing of the past.