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When your lenses reflect light, it comes between you and the people around you. Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and halos around lights, and give others a clear view of your eyes in any light.

Abba's anti-reflective technology produces the least light reflection, the greatest light transmission, and most scratch resistance of any anti-reflective treatment in the world.

Super HiVision Coating EX3 and Super HiVision Anti-Glare Coatings
  • See better
  • Look better
  • Clean easier
  • Very scratch resistant

Extreme Scratch Resistance

Your lenses are the windows to your world. All too often life's activities add scratches and scrapes to your lenses. Now your can enjoy smooth lenses and sharp vision with the only lens that outperforms glass.

Super HiVision EX3 Lens

It's Scratch Resistant!
Ever set your glasses down and scuff the lens? See a child drop their glasses in the sandbox? Every day life has little tests for your lenses, so you want a lens that is harder to scratch then glass... and this is it.!

It's Super Clean
Finger smudges on your lenses driving you crazy? Cleaning you kids' lenses too many times a day? With Super HiVision EX3 lens, oil from finger prints won't stick, and dirt wipes off clean and easy.